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About kenny knight

Kenny Knight is a retired member of the U.S. armed forces. He’s a former, United States Marine Corps Drill Instructor and Leadership Instructor for the United States Army.
He’s an operator for the non-profit organization, O.U.R., an organization dedicated to rescuing children caught up in child trafficking and author of fitness articles published in the local paper in his current city.

Kenny is currently, the owner and operator of Rage Fitness, a fitness facility dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals with his Boot Camps and Pro-Fit classes.
Kenny started “No Excuses No Regrets” coaching to work specifically with those trying to compete in bodybuilding and figure competitions and those just trying to reach a whole new level with their fitness.

Using a combination of techniques, used for his bodybuilding and figure competitors, along with his boot camps, Kenny created the “No Excuses No Regrets” Boot Camp. The 30 day, 60 day and 90 day Boot Camp is guaranteed to get you the results you’re looking for. It’s specifically designed for anyone that dares to commit to make a positive change in their physique, attitude, strength, endurance, mentality, confidence and stamina.



30 Day “No Excuses No Regrets” Boot Camp

Regular Price - $199.99

Today's Price - FREE

1st Phase


  • 30 day gym workout program

  • 30 day home workout program

  • 30 day meal plan

  • Lifetime subscription to Facebook group “No Excuses No Regrets Coaching” for fitness and nutrition support.


The purpose of the first phase of the “No Excuses No Regrets” Boot Camp is to familiarize the individual with different exercises and expose the muscles to the feeling that accompanies a great workout. The well balanced meals will reset the metabolism and introduce the individual to a healthy eating style that will not only allow the individual to build lean muscle, but also, to utilize fat as energy and burn it off. During this phase, expect to lose some fat and build some muscle. You probably won’t see a significant change in weight, due to the fact that you’ll be gaining muscle while losing fat. Your results will vary because everyone’s body responds differently and because it’s only a 30 day program but you will notice results, nonetheless, especially in the strength category. For greater results, complete the second and third phases of the “No Excuses No Regrets” Boot Camp.



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