Drop It Like It's Hot  challenge!

Have fun, get fit and win cash! The new and improved Drop It Like It's Hot Challenge is back with some exciting new elements added!

What is the Drop It Like It's Hot Challenge?

The Drop It Like It's Hot Challenge is an 8 week nation wide challenge designed to help people burn fat, build muscle, and earn some cash all at the same time! Contestants lose up to 7.5% body fat and 24 lbs.

How it works

Contestants pay $100 to join. After joining they are sent the following:

  • An 8 week nutrition plan with calorie and macronutrient recommendations designed to help shed fat and provide energy.

  • An 8 week workout plan to tone and build lean muscle mass. A home workout program is available if you do not have access to a gym.

  • Access to the No Excuses, No Regrets Coaching Group.

How to join

Use the form below to sign up and submit your payment. To join you must submit the following:

  • $100 payment using the form below.

  • Email "before" pictures to rage.fit@gmail.com.

  • Send your current body fat percentage and body weight to rage.fit@gmail.com. Must show proof of the date your body fat was tested. 

Rewards and Prizes

Each week there will be prizes awarded to top performing members. The more people that sign up, the bigger the prizes.

Upcoming Drop It Like It's Hot Challenges

  • April 5

  • July 5

  • August 30