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Bod Pod Body Composition Testing

What Is the Bod Pod?

It’s a body composition test that accurately measures the body’s lean body mass (muscle, bones and organs), body fat percentage, energy expenditure results (how many calories your body burns per day) and more!

It’s a fantastic way to measure one’s health and success of their current fitness, training and lifestyle habits and plan.

How Long Does It Last?

The scan lasts about 3 minutes. A free consultation is available after the test where an expert will analyze your test and answer any of your questions. Usually the entire experience is between 15-30 minutes.


What To Expect?

No effort on your part. Just come in, change into approve test clothing (listed in “How To Prepare For A Test” section) and sit in the Bod Pod for your scan. 

How Accurate is it?

Extremely accurate. The Bod Pod uses the most advanced body composition technology available today known as air displacement technology to measure the body. It’s just as accurate as hydrostatic (underwater) weighing.


How To Prepare For A Test.

  • No food, drink or exercise 3 hours prior to testing.

  • Do not apply lotion or creams to the skin prior to the test.

  • Remove all clothing and jewelry.

  • Wear minimal form-fitting clothing and swim cap (swim cap provided). Men: Thin fabric shorts or compression shorts. Women: Spandex-type swimsuit or compression shorts and sports bra. There will be a private room available for you to change in upon your arrival.

Setting An Appointment

If you'd like to set an appointment please text Kenny at 801-358-2089. The cost is $50 per scan. Payment is collected in person by Kenny at your appointment.

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