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View some of the many exciting body transformations and testimonials from our No Excuses, No Regrets family! We work hard to give our clients everything they need to excel and create their ideal body and health. Through hard work and dedication, we know all of our clients can achieve their fitness goals! This could be you!

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Below are some testimonials from many members of our No Excuses, No Regrets Family. Please note that some of the testimonials mention "Rage Fitness" which is a sister company to No Excuses, No Regrets LLC and the gym where the programs used in No Excuses, No Regrets originated.

"I love Rage Fitness.  Everytime you walk in the door, you are greeted by the people from your class and a big dude named Kenny.  I do have to admit that on my first day of Boot Camp, Kenny scared the living daylights out of me.  However, I was wrong.  Kenny is one of the NICEST people ever.  He makes sure that everyone is having fun and having a good time while you are working hard (no, he is not a fan of slackers. Trust. Me. I would know).  Also, he makes sure that you know what is going on with nutrition and other things that affect your health i.e. food, sleep, how to train, etc.  He has a lifetime of knowledge and is willing to answer any question you throw at him.  This is important to me because I need to feel comfortable in a gym and trust that the people training know what is going on.  Now on to my testimonial.  I'm 17 years old and wasn't happy where I was in life.  I was a size 14 in a women's size and I would cry everytime I went clothes shopping because I couldn't fit into the clothes at Hollister or Aeropostale or other cute, "skinny girl" stores.  I decided that I needed to change me.  My mom told me about this Boot Camp that she had done a couple months before.  She signed me up and I did my first Rage Bootcamp in January of this year.  I will not lie, it was very hard work.  The second day, I ached EVERYWHERE!  I couldn't move, laugh, etc.  I was a brick.  And somehow, I mustered enough strength to go back.  My first Bootcamp, I lost 11 pounds (not that it matters) and around 9 inches.  After Bootcamp, I joined Rage Fit and continued to keep losing.  I lost another 10 pounds (still doesn't matter) and about 4 more inches.  Now, I'm a size 9 (HOLY CRAP)  and I shop at Hollister and Aeropostale all the time!  I'm the happiest that I've ever been in my life and I have all the confidence in the world.  I've been given all the tools to live a long, healthy life and I owe it all to Rage Fitness.  Thank you!  You guys are awesome!"


-Lyndsey F. From Lehi, UT

"Five years ago, I attended my first boot camp at RAGE Fitness and have been at RAGE Fitness ever since.  Kenny Knight is amazing!

My most recent “amazing” experience with Kenny is that I prepared for and competed in a figure competition.

I’m a mom of four kids and never thought I would compete in a figure competition.  I’ve always wanted to train for one and get my body in peak condition but I didn’t ever think I’d actually compete.  Believe it or not, my biggest concern was not the physical preparation; it was mental preparation.

Don’t get me wrong, the physical preparation was intense.  Some weeks were harder than others.  Sometimes it felt like it would never end.  I ate stuff I shouldn’t have.  I read things online that differed from what Kenny was teaching.  Everyone seemed to have a different opinion of how to prepare.  But I trusted in Kenny, stuck to his plan, worked hard and achieved awesome results!

For me, the thought of getting up on stage in front of a lot people terrified me more than the physical preparation.  During this whole process, Kenny worked with me to overcome my fear of the stage and kept me on track during hard times.  When the time came, I knew I was well prepared, I had gained confidence in myself and I overcame my fear.

I have learned so much from Kenny these last five years and this competition was no different.  I can’t thank him enough for the knowledge and support he’s provided to me.

I love working with Kenny and look forward to many more years working with him.  He knows what he is doing and can help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be."

-Becky S. From Lehi, UT

"It's been one year today that I met you Kenny at my first bootcamp and you changed my life.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  You have given me the tools to accomplish so many goals, and help give me self confidence.  I have never felt better about my progress.  I am doing things I never thought I would be able too.  I feel like finally I am loosing weight the right way.  This is a new lifestyle and not a diet.  I feel so great everyday I eat right and go to the gym.  I am so impressed with your Boot Camp and all of the knowledge I gained.  I can never in my life repay you for what you have done for me.  And the best part of it all is I have you as an amazing friend.  I owe all of my success to you, you are truely the best. Thank you.  Thank you.  THANK YOU."

-Angie P. From Lehi, UT


"Thank you to Kenny Knight and Rage Fitness! I lost 20 pounds and 3 percent
body fat in 8 weeks following the simple and effective steps that Kenny
outlined for me. 13 pounds of that was pure FAT!! I look better, and I feel
great! Imagine the feeling of taking off a 20 pound back pack and climbing a
set of stairs, or hiking a mountain, or jogging a mile. The difference is
amazing. I look forward to...

seeing how much more weight I can shed with this

Kenny knows what it takes to help you become fitter, and shed the fatter. I
highly recommend into Rage Fitness and Kenny Knight if you want to achieve
your fitness/weight loss goals."

-Shaun H. From Lehi, UT


"I have tried to lose weight and get in shape so many times in my life.  I feel like I have tried everything without getting results or anything that lasts.  I have now done boot camp at Rage Fitness 2 times and the most important thing that I have learned is that there is no substitute for a proper diet and exercise. The first time I participated in Boot Camp was in February of 2011.  I was so pleased with my results, in 4 weeks I lost 9 lbs and 10 inches.  After that month was over I continued to work out with Kenny in his Pro-fit class but I returned to my old eating habits. 
I decided to do boot camp again last month to jump start my weight loss and help me get some good eating habits back in my life. I love the accountability that boot camp gives me and the help that Kenny gives along the way.  He gave me all the tools and knowledge that I needed to get results.  This second time in boot camp I lost 14 lbs and 11 inches overall!  The weight and inches lost are just the beginning of what boot camp has helped me achieve in my life.  I have more energy now and I feel  better than ever!  It helped me finally have the accountability and desire to quit drinking 32 plus oz. of Dr. Pepper a day and given me the motivation to plan and prepare meals ahead of time to take to work so that I avoid the drive through. I do hair full time and I am on my feet all day and when I am exercising and eating right my days aren’t as long and as hard on my feet and my back.  I feel stronger  and healthier than I ever have and I now know that it has just as much to do with my work outs as what I put inside my body. 
For the first time I am excited to work out and I can always count on getting a great workout and encouragement from Kenny at Rage Fitness."

-Danielle P. From Lehi, UT

"As I finished my journey through Knights Armor, Kenny asked me to write a testimonial of my experience. When I committed to this three month journey I knew it was going to be tough and I would have to be devoted one hundred percent. I have six beautiful children under the age eleven, my baby is eight month old and I am ready to lose that extra baby weight! As any mom knows the more kids you have and the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight, let alone finding the energy to do it. I realized that if I didn't feel confident as a mom, it will slowly wear off on my children. So with the awesome support of my kids and husband, I was off for my first weigh in and workout! 
I have trained with Kenny for over four years now, on and off between pregnancies - he calls me his job security, ha-ha! I knew what this personal training session was going to consists of. I have gone through Personal Training sessions, Boot camp and Profit classes with Kenny over those years and have enjoyed what each one of these classes have to offer. I have loved Knights Armor, to have the one on one training with Kenny, teaching and showing me how to train specifically to my body’s shape and needs, and be able to reach my goals. Each of us is blessed with a beautiful body and it’s up to us to decide how we want to shape and carry ourselves throughout this life! Kenny pushed me until my body hit the point of fatigue, but it gave me that feeling of accomplishment, it is the best feeling ever! You will learn quickly that "I cannot" turns into "I can" Kenny teaches you that you can do anything - it's all mind over matter!
The first month of this transformation was muscle building with a huge diet adjustment, and how I looked forward to my “free day" every week! I could feel my body tightening up but would get so frustrated when I would cheat and weigh myself - the number wasn't moving. Kenny would reassure me that it's okay,” trust me”, we are building muscle and it's going to take time. I put my faith in him and pushed through those first thirty days.
The second month of training was shaping the body which consists of a new diet and exercise plan. Poor Kenny didn't realize during this training he was also offering up a free emotional therapy session too! I found out fast that the gym is the best place to take those emotions and let them out! Kenny was awesome at listening to all my frustrations and totally was there to support, encourage and motivate me through each training. He is such a devoted and caring person to all of his clients and truly loves what he does. I could feel my clothes were fitting me looser; I had way more confidence about myself and started to see some muscle definition.
The third month of this journey is focused on body sculpting which is the month I saw and felt amazing results! With a mix up in the exercise routine and diet I felt great; I was seeing the end and had invested too much not to finish without giving it my all. I noticed that I had more energy and the weight was melting off, my muscles were defined and I got compliments all the time - especially from my husband! I felt amazing from the inside out! Oh and was the final weigh in a success, I had lost 13 pounds and 17 inches! I have not hit the 120's on a scale since my second child; I was 2 pounds away from my wedding weight which makes me a happy girl!
I have to thank Kenny so much for this opportunity, I couldn't have asked for a better trainer to be by my side through this journey. Thanks for those days I vented on you and for pushing me till I wanted to cry (which I did plenty of). Kenny has helped so many people transform their lives; he genuinely cares about each of his clients. I plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the information I was taught through this course - it’s all about nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude. I highly recommend Knights Armor training to anyone interested in making a life changing experience."

-Nicole From Lehi, UT

"You earned the perfect score in the swimsuit round right along with me.  Thank you for walking with me on my journey of transformation.  I am honored to call you a friend in more ways than one.

Excited to see you soon and create the next steps of moving forward and transforming even more lives!"









-Liz Anderson Former Misses Alpine

" I used to be quite active -- running, rock climbing, classes at the gym, hiking -- but since I had my daughter (she is 7) I have never really re-established consistent exercise behavior.  Over the last couple of years I have noticed a slow down in my metabolism (nearing 40) - all the things I used to do to keep my weight down were no longer working.  One of my co-workers had attended boot camp and had a lot of good things to say about it and she had amazing success with RAGE Fitness.  She finally talked me into giving it a try.  I signed up for the RAGE Boot Camp in November - to jump start my exercise routine and hopefully my metabolism.    I was hoping to lose a few pounds and learn more about proper nutrition.  I never dreamed how much boot camp would change my behavior.  I finished 4 weeks of boot camp and signed up for Progressive Fitness (I have completed 6 weeks in total).   I have never worked so hard in my life - AND I LOVE IT!!   I love the results so far (after 4 weeks of boot camp I lost 8 inches and 5 pounds)! Now my husband is joining me for Pro Fit and we look forward to working out TOGETHER.  My husband thinks it is awesome that we are working out together and that I am taking my health more seriously.  I can't believe how good I feel (and have felt since day 1).  Even though I am ALWAYS SORE - I know it is because I worked so hard the day before.  I have so much more energy and can't stop raving about Kenny and RAGE Fitness.  I have seen the changes in my body and I can't wait to see even more.  An added benefit was getting to buy a new dress for my husbands company Christmas party - the RED dress won!!  Thanks Kenny. "


-Jennifer from Bluffdale, UT

 "You may have all read my first testimonial that was posted. However, soon after that I decided to enroll in “Knight’s Armor” to help achieve a more toned and symmetrical body shape. Kenny has asked me to share my journey. I am what Kenny would refer to as a “spoon” shape. I carry most of my weight through my hips and thighs. Thus, to me, my upper body is smaller and seems off balance from the bottom half. Although easier said than done, we all need to embrace the shape we are born with and do the best we can to maintain a healthy lifestyle to acquire a physique we can be proud of. I originally enrolled at Rage nearly one year ago. This adventure has been wonderful for my health, my confidence, and for my family. Because I now make time for myself I am happier and so is my family. “Knight’s Armor” is unique in that you receive one on one training with Kenny in a group of only 2-3 people. Although you are in a small group he tailors the exercises to your needs and goals individually. This course runs for 3 months. The pictures that I have included show how my body has become a smaller size of me (the first 2 pictures, compared to the last 2 pictures.) They also demonstrate how weight does not always matter when it comes to fitness. I have only lost around 10 pounds yet I have lost more than 20 inches. And 7.75 of these inches were from "Knight's Armor". I never understood how 2 people the same height, could weigh the same, yet look entirely different. Well, now I do. I have most importantly learned healthy nutritional habits that I will use for a lifetime. Weight training is a BIG part of Knights Armor. We rotate stations doing different weight routines sometimes until our muscles would reach complete fatigue. I love this feeling! A feeling of accomplishment (and soreness). There is no competitiveness. You are competing only to become a better you! CARDIO is also a part of your KNIGHTS training. You will learn when, how much, and how fast is good for your body. Come try it out. You have nothing to lose. Things can only look better. I am so grateful for this healthier lifestyle I am living. My New Year’s resolutions are to keep training, eat healthy, keep motivated, and to keep a positive attitude.  I love the people at Rage. The trainers & the friends I’ve made are awesome! The partner I had during Knight's Armor was so great.  On the days I was less motivated she kept me going.  Her results were amazing.  We laughed, and cheered each other on. Every time I saw her she was getting slimmer and slimmer.  Way to go my friend!  Living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an amazing feeling.
Because of Knight's Armor I am more toned, slimmer, and  a lot STRONGER!"

After a few more weeks Sadi gave another testimonial as follows:

"I never really had to worry about my weight until after my 4th child. I had gained about 35 pounds and was able to get off most of it but I was jiggly and my body shape was definitely NOT what it use to be. Because I grew up with a mom who was always trying a new diet I knew I did not want to go that route. My dad has been a power lifter ever since I can remember. A lot of his nutrition guidelines are similar to that of "rage fitness". I needed someone who was patient and mindful of my personal goals and desires. After talking with Kenny, I was convinced he would take me down the right track. Rage not only focuses on exercise but teaches you about healthy nutritional habits. The food you eat is the key to get you where you want to be.I attended my first boot camp in August '09 at Kenny's Lehi gym. I continued with a second boot camp immediately following with Kenny's son Nate in Eagle Mtn. I have now been doing "profit" for about 3 months. I am now an addict. As of 4 weeks ago I had lost about 22 inches. So exciting! To one that might be reading this I would have to say that the scale should not be your means of recognizing results! Because of inches lost I am slimmer, tighter, a smaller size and the flab is going away. These results did not happen overnight, and it has not been easy. However, it has now become my lifestyle and I love it. I still want to improve, I feel better, and want to keep going forever! Thanks Rage Fitness for helping me feel better about myself and giving me the tools to make better nutritional choices for me and my family!"







-Sadi From Eagle Mountain, UT

"I started going to Rage Fitness in February of '10. Originally I was going to get into shape and started with Kenny's bootcamp. I have continued on with additional classes and thoroughly enjoy it. The classes have a mix of people at all different fitness levels so everyone always fits in. The classes are always challenging, whether young or old, male or female everyone always gets a good workout. Kenny keeps each class unique so I never get bored. An added benefit that I didn't expect was the camaraderie within the class. I have made new friends who feel like a second family to me. It's nice to have the support from Kenny and my fellow classmates that make you feel like you need to go because you will be missed if you aren't there. I would highly recommend Rage Fitness to everyone!"

-Tracy C. From Lehi, Utah

"It's been one year today that I met you Kenny at my first bootcamp and you changed my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have given me the tools to accomplish so many goals, and help give me self confidence. I have never felt better about my progress. I am doing things I never thought I would be able too. I feel like finally I am loosing weight the right way. This is a new lifestyle and not a diet. I feel so great everyday I eat right and go to the gym. I am so impressed with your Boot Camp and all of the knowledge I gained. I can never in my life repay you for what you have done for me. And the best part of it all is I have you as an amazing friend. I owe all of my success to you, you are truely the best. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU."

-Angie From Lehi, UT

"RAGE is awesome! So happy to be a part of it! Unlike any other gym--real personal attention to help anyone reach their goals! LOVE IT!"

-Shieleen M. From Lehi, UT

"I weighed in my first day at RAGE BOOTCAMP at a whopping 251LBS - 7 months later I weighed 211LBS... but found out how much the scale weight didn't matter! I have lost INCHES but at the same time gained incredible amounts of muscle! Kenny and Camille aren't just the trainers at the gym I go to but they are some of my closest friends. They truly love what they do and the are always willing to give tips and advice. See they made this "fat man" into a "fit man" and I'm never going back to how things were! Rage is a place you go if you are serious and you want to change, but it is the place where you learn that YOU can do anything! The motivation and encouragement you receive is what makes you keep going and going! Thanks guys you are the best!"


- Chris From Lehi, UT

"At the beginning of the month, I started RAGE bootcamp! I was a Little nervous, because BOOTCAMP is a scary word! I finished my fourth week last night and it was AWESOME! I loved every minute of every workout! Well, there were times I thought I literally was going to die, but afterwards, I felt GREAT! My body is feeling so strong! On the first day you do strength test, weight, and measurement; and again on the last day. On my last day, I almost tripled my situps and doubled the amount of pushups I could do from the first day! I also have lost 10 1/2 total body inches! Not to mention, my family's nutrition has improved 100%! I am doing another month before we go and have some older cute outfits I haven't either been able to fit in or don't feel comfortable wearing in the past 2 years, that I hope I can wear in Hawaii! If any of you are wanting a core workout or just to get down into the size you saw a few years ago, I recommend RAGE Fitness! They are awesome and this has been the only gym, where I have learned fitness, nutrition, and weight strength. I also love being there and being with the people. I worked hard for the last 4 weeks, 5 days a week, and last night I saw incredible results!"


- Candace, Lehi

"Ahhhhhhhhh........... I was so stinkin excited that I won!!! I could not believe it!!! We had worked so hard on our diet and added extra workouts in like crazy! Everyone we knew - knew we were working hard to win this competition! It feels so good to actually complete something like this - when it has been a challenge for so long. Now I have to share my embarrassment of how bad I was with everyone, but I'm so happy I'm not the same person I was a year ago!

This was me a year ago! I had always struggled with my weight and didn't know how to change.

This is me today before heading to RAGE to workout in my Pro Fit class! Can you see how much RAGE has done for me? I have lost 57LBS and have gone from a size 18 to a size 8 pants! This is the reason I tell EVERYONE about RAGE ... I'm sure people get sick of me! I'm the RAGE FITNESS spokeswomen EVERYWHERE I go! There is no other gym like it and there is no way I would be where I am at today without Kenny and Camille!"

Geri posted again saying:

"I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M DOING THIS... Kenny gave me a choice to post my competition pictures or post pictures in say a cute dress - before and afters... but I didn't have any pictures from about the time the competition started.... so I went back to these very embarrassing photo's. But hopefully someone seeing these - might be able to relate or maybe even look the same way and I hope it will give them the motivation to workout at RAGE.

Here are my BEFORE photo's - Taken February 14th 2010 (keep in mind these pictures were taken after already losing over 40 lbs - OUCH!)





Here are my AFTER photo's - Taken May 15th 2010 (Ugh... my stomach! Strech marks and now loose skin from loosing so much weight... it's going to take some time! I still have a long ways to go!!! But I'm glad to see so much improvement in 12 weeks! I can't wait to see what the next 12 weeks bring! I can only hope I change that much again!)

To anyone out there thinking about joining RAGE FITNESS... I'm here to tell you it will be one of the best decisions you will make! They are the BEST and there is no one around like them!"

Geri B. From Lehi, UT

"Kenny... It is about time I get this testimonial done! I started out at RAGE back in October of 2009 after my wife talked me into joining. She had just completed her 3rd boot camp and had seen incredible results - but I had been going to a fitness class at Velocity Fitness center in Lehi and thought that there is no way I would like her small gym over the fancy place I was going to. They had made some changes and the times were not going to work for my schedule... so I gave in to her and signed up for the next RAGE BOOTCAMP! I remember coming home one night after one of the classes and telling her - hands down RAGE is better then Velocity! The workouts were so much more intense. I had completed the POST Academy a year before and thought the daily workouts were hell... but compare that to RAGE Fitness' HELL AND BACK... Well...I learned a whole new definition of what a LEG WORKOUT REALLY IS! See at RAGE you have a love/hate relationship! You love the friends you make in your class, you love the trainers, you hate the pain you are put through, but you LOVE THE RESULTS! I weighed in my first day at RAGE BOOTCAMP at a whopping 251LBS - 7 months later I weighed 211LBS... but found out how much the scale weight didn't matter! I have lost INCHES but at the same time gained incredible amounts of muscle! Kenny and Camille aren't just the trainers at the gym I go to but they are some of my closest friends. They truly love what they do and the are always willing to give tips and advice. See they made this "fat man" into a "fit man" and I'm never going back to how things were! Rage is a place you go if you are serious and you want to change, but it is the place where you learn that YOU can do anything! The motivation and encouragement you receive is what makes you keep going and going! Thanks guys you are the best!

Here is the fluffy version of me in June of 2009 (Father's Day)



Here I am on June 2010"

-Chris From Lehi, UT

"Rage Fitness Rocks... It has changed my life. I am totally addicted to pushing myself and working out hard. Kenny has taught me so much about nutrition and exercise in the past year that I have been a member at Rage. I came to my first bootcamp In April 2009. I was looking for something different that would push me to the next level of fitness. I was what Kenny would call "skinny-fat". I knew it and I wasn't happy with my body after having my 5th baby. I only had the last "5 pounds" to lose and a few inches too. After 1 month at bootcamp I reached my goal of losing the last 5 but also lost about 8 inches and was beginning to feel stronger. I knew I still had a long way to go...so I joined Rage Fit classes to keep my progression going. I have been really consistent with working out and eating clean and my body keeps getting stronger, leaner, and more toned. I am not measuring my results with weight loss but how I feel in my clothes. It is so fun to put on jeans that use to be so tight and now they are falling off. It's amazing how the body transforms itself with hard work and eating healthy. Every workout at Rage is challenging and different and it always pushes me. Knowledge is everything and I feel like I have learned so much about how to take better care of my body. I still have a ton to learn...so that is why I will keep going to Rage everyday to keep that progression going. Thanks Kenny and Camille for training me and everyone at Rage... We are one big RAGE family!!



Here are Amy's 12 week competition pictures.......



BEFORE.... (Taken February 15th)

AFTER... (Taken May 15th)"

-Amy From Lehi, UT

"Kenny Knight will not only help you get in the best shape of your life but he will also be a positive influence for you daily, be your biggest cheerleader and become a close friend! I met Kenny when I was the current Miss Utah in 2013. He trained me while I prepared to strut my stuff on the Miss America stage. I had SO much fun through this process with Kenny. He helped me with my diet and exercise regiment AND he helped me maintain a positive outlook on life. He pushed me when I thought I couldn't give more while still kept me laughing the whole time. He brought me up when I felt down and truly transformed me in such a short time period. I was in the best shape of my life at Miss America not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well due to Kenny's coaching. I am amazed at his abilities and adore his efficient yet loving approach to personal training. Don't mess around with anyone else. This is the place to find the best you. Thanks Kenny. I will always be grateful to you!

Left was taken at Miss Utah in June 2013 - Right was taken at Miss America in September 2013 (2.5 months of training)"














-Ciera McCausland Miss Utah 2013


My big competition has come and I couldn't be more pleased with how it went. I was a bit nervous at first but really began to enjoy being on stage! I am excited to say I placed 3rd in True Novice! This post my be a bit long but I have so many people to be grateful for helping me get to this point over the past four months. They have been such a strength to me. First of all a big thank you to my coach and mentor, Kenny Knight who has helped me day in and day out with fitness coaching and meal planning and the process of getting ready for a bikini competition. It takes alot and he knows what it takes to do it all and helped me and helps me so much! Thank you Kenny!! Next thank you to Samantha Keffer my friend and posing and emotional support through this process. She was and is there as well day in and day out to help me to learn all my posing and what to do to be prepared to be on stage and helped me with everything the day of getting on stage. She is so good to help when you need someone to support you through the whole process. She has done it all and is just there for you. I can't thank you enough for the emotional and posing support Sam. Thank you to the Rage team ladies! You are so loving and supportive and I love  working out with you and your drive and support! Thank you to Britney for the experience of training with you and doing the show with you, we had alot of emotional and amazing experiences together and loved the bond and friendship we made through this experience! Thank you most of all to my amazing and loving husband for being there for me every day to love me, take care of our family and household and deal with my emotional meltdowns and picking up the slack when I was busy preparing. I love you very much for everything!! You are the best! Thank you to my kids for dealing with Mom when she was a bit crazy and emotional as well and helping when I needed it! You are the best and I love you, you are so loving and supportive! Thank you to my family and friends for always checking in on me and suporting me and loving me always! This has been amazing and I know at times it was hard but I can honestly say it was a great experience!!  @ Rage Fitness



So I’m not very good about posting things and I’m especially not good at posting things about myself! However I have so many people to thank that I feel it is necessary. I have always been a very modest and self conscious person and putting myself out in front of others to be judged has been one of the hardest things mentally that I have had to go through. 
It all started back in January when my family decided to do a biggest loser challenge. We all needed to eat healthier and lose some weight after the holidays. So Jaron and I decided to ask our good friend and trainer, Kenny Knight from RAGE Fitness to help us. After 3 months of eating clean and working out daily I lost about 8% body fat about 12 pounds. I felt good but needed something else to push me. My awesome friend, Jennifer Westwood, somehow got me thinking of training for a bikini fitness competition with her. The word bikini almost turned me off from the start but the more I thought about it, and ran the idea past my family, it seemed like a scary, yet exciting goal. So I set off training 6 days a week and eating super clean! Long story short, this has been a crazy hard experience but it was such a learning process! I never thought I could do something like this especially after having 5 kids! My amazing husband has been supportive from day 1 and has sacrificed a lot to help me achieve this goal! I love him and my kiddos so much! They had to go without some fun treats as a family and no baking for many months! 
My trainer and great friend, Kenny Knight, has been such a rock in supporting and pushing me to be the best I can be! He gave me meal plans and pep talks to keep me focused and positive! He saw the end result from the beginning that I often struggled to see! Samantha Keffer was my awesome posing coach who was gave me so much encouragement and was there through the ups and downs. She especially helped me this last week, and through the actual competition, to keep me positive and confident! Jennifer Westwood trained right along side me and we were able to go on this crazy and challenging journey together! She is an amazing friend that gave me encouragement everyday! The Rage girls were such great examples and motivators and made working out at 5:30 every morning enjoyable. Lastly my amazing family has had to deal with my crazy emotions and carb deprived days! They were there to love and support me in this goal!
Even though I never thought I would do something like this, I’m so grateful for the experience and how much I have grown as a person! It’s not easy to put yourself out there with flaws and blemishes for the world to see and I’m proud of myself for the hard work and dedication I put in! Thanks again to all for the amazing love and support!