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Become a certified fitness coach

Become a certified fitness coach through our NENR certification and training program.  Through the certification process you will be trained on:


-Program design

-One on one consultation

-Sales techniques

-Advertising and self awareness


Our program is designed to prepare you to become a successful self employed fitness coach. The certification process costs $500 and takes about two weeks (sometimes less) to complete.  After you are certified you have the option to go off on your own, or you can  become a valuable member of our team.  If you decide to become a member of our team you will:


 -Have our brand name

-Have no overhead

-Receive constant help and resources by highly qualified professionals

-We will help bring your clients to you

-You and your clients will have free access to Rage Fitness Gym and all of the classes provided in the gym as well


All you have to do is worry about taking care of your clients. Pretty nice right? Sign up today!

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