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Get Coached!

Take the first step in achieving your fitness goals by selecting your own personal NENR Fitness Coach!  All of our fitness coaches have gone through an extensive certification process to be able to bring you highly effective nutrition programs and state of the art work out programs designed specifically for you! When you sign up with one of our fitness coaches you will receive:

-Weekly consultations with your coach

-Goal setting help

-Nutrition plan designed to help you achieve your goals while eating delicious, healthy food. We take the   "die" out of "diet"

-Workout program created for you to accomplish your training and fitness goals

-Constant support from your coach and the NENR Community

-A chance to be on our "Success Stories" page


We love success stories and with your permission, we would love to share yours as you continue to achieve your fitness goals!

The cost of our program is a monthly prescription contact the coach you would wish to train you for a free consultation. Request for a free consultation by going to "contact" on our menu and filling out the form or by selecting one of our coaches and filling out the link attached to the "Contact Caoch" button. Start achieving your fitness goals today and join our NENR Family!

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